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you have to drink beer the night before, so you get that molten chico stick kinda shit and the chick has to have big tits.

You drop that chico stick deuce between her tits, smash them together and make them stick. Then you punch your dick between her tits from the underside, piss in her face this way. Flip her over, bang her in the ass until you nut. Flip her back over, tit fuck her before you get soft, then jam your shit/piss/nut covered peener in her cunt. For bonus points, grab her bologna drapes (pootie lips), spread them wide, and fill it full of half digested pizza. This is technically a Flying Himalayan Mongooes. If you do it right, you'll hear about her cooch getting all fucked up in a couple of days.
Dude, I gave my neighbors wife a Flying Himalayan Mongoose last week. I felt bad and bought some flowers for her funeral yesterday.
by Lemonjello Walker September 18, 2007
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