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One of the three high schools in hilliard but almost half the students that go there are rich motherfuckers that live in Dublin but ironically hate Dublin schools especialy Coffman Almost all the girls are sluts and none of the upper classmen are virgins. Almost any of the girls will give you head if you ask for it they are all oraly trained thanks to the awesome teachers we have here. All the guys are douche bags with average sized dicks. You will most likely loose your virginty your freshman year. It is also the 3rd richest school district in central Ohio after Dublin and Upper Arlington so they are all spoiled little sluts and fuckboys. All the school dances are just girls in short tight dresses grinding on they guys as they finger them. With that said if you like getting/sucking dick, seeing ass and tits everywhere on rich little snobby girls and grinding and have sex this is the perfect school for you
Oh my god Hilliard Davidson is so slutty but not as slutty as Dublin and Upper Arlington
by Hiliiard niggas July 28, 2015
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A shitty over-crowded school in columbus ohio that trys to be like dublin but can't seem to get as slutty, as drunk, or make as much money. Also it has so many samlians and people having babies, that they have trailers outside used as classrooms. But yet still has one decent thing: theyre football team.
" Hilliard Davidson is nasty, poor, and full of posers"
by dublinslutsrule August 14, 2008
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