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The people who relentlessly defend anything Hillary Clinton has said or done no matter how damaging or unflattering. They trivialize the significance of legitimate concerns or evidence of law-breaking that should be investigated. Anyone who dares criticize or challege her record or political ambitions is attacked and labelled as part of the far-right or far-left fringe. These people consist of Democratic and Republican Establishment politicians , the Establishment media companies, lobbyists for Wall Street and corporate America, Hollywood and so-called unbiased journalists. They all want to help maintain the Establishment status quo and sequester the will of the American people. the establishment, The Clinton Foundation, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Wall Street, TPP, rich donors, foreign donors, Benghazi, Hillbots, Clinton Clones, Bernie Bros, Corporate America, foreign wars
I just ran into a bunch of members of the Hillary brigade in the parking lot. If you don't get on board supporting her Establishment agenda, you are the enemy.
by joecoolthefool August 29, 2016
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