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Perhaps the most flexible pornstar of her generation.

Porn Generations aren't very long and to put it into perspective it goes like this the last three:

Jenna Jameson, late 90s, Briana Banks early 00s and Hillary Scott from about 04 to now.

The chick has been described as go for anything.

Star of the Anal Princess Diaries.

Her finale scene in the first installment has been dubbed as legendary and an epic for the porn industry.

Not only because the scene included Hillary taking on several men but because she performed both the DAP and DPP, a very rare and demanding performance, the film was also mainstream, Anal Princess Diaries has been on of the most profitable porn vids of the 21st Century.

If you haven't already noticed, Hillary Scott is a famed pornstar because of what she does....ANYTHING, if there's a name for a do-able sex act, she'll do it no questions asked.

BTW- She is supposedly awkwardly social....don't know why but maybe it has something to do with her craving a cock in her mouth 24/7.
" Hillary Scott can take on a crew of sailors, maybe more "
" If I was paid a billion to stick my johnson up Hillary Scott's back door, I would probably wear a condom, maybe three "
" If your wife is anything like Hillary Scott, you are an idiot...or maybe you like group orgies.... "
" Even a $50 prostitute is no match for Hillary Scott "
" For any woman to have as many cocks in her as Hillary Scott she'd have to get screwed by 2 guys at once, 10 minutes at a time, for 2 years non stop "
by Bill Abdull February 10, 2008
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A beautiful loving girl. Loyal, and committed to a relationship. Annoying ratchet, has awesome friends, usually missing school. Awesome. Gorgeous. Thick
Do you know Hillary Scott. She is so sweet
by Coca butter kisses August 24, 2017
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