When you smoke weed you get high. When you read books you get educated. However, when you smoke weed and read books at the same time you get high educated.
Random person: How did you get so highly educated!!!!
Quiet kid: By smoking weed and reading books at the same time…
Random person: Cool so what did you learn?!?!
Quiet kid: Bruce Lee Chicken Norris level fighting techniques and styles
Random person: Other than that???
Quiet kid: Comebacks and roasts directed at the school bully and also how to shoot up the school with an AK-47
School Bully: DiReCteD at wHo
Quiet kid: You
School Bully: *Charges and prepares to kick quiet kid’s ass
Quiet kid: *Kicks school bully with a flying dick*
School bully: *face gets disfigured * *loses 4.20 teeth and breaks 69 bones leaving him paralysed*
School nurse with an X-ray: *noice*
Quiet kid: Reaches for his bag
Class clown: EvEryOne ruNNnnn
* No one runnnns*
Quiet kid: Shoots school bully to death with an AR-15
School bully: *flipping dies*
School bullies’s accomplices: *fricking dies*

Whole school: Starts cheering
Everyone one at school: CAREFULLY HE’S A HERO
by - Bully Maguire Pizza Time December 14, 2021
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A Stefanie that thinks she is better than other people on the Internet
Gibi: Hey steff look at this definition on urban dictionary
Stefanie: urban dicitionary is not a webpage consulted by highly educated people
Gibi: ...
by Giibii December 22, 2016
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