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A county in central Florida with just 3 small towns, Lake Placid, Sebring, and Avon Park. There is absolutely nothing to do here unless you enjoy redneck activities such as fishing, hunting, and mudding. The people here tend to be stuck up assholes (especially in Sebring), very racist, and close-minded. The police here are fat and stupid and get so bored that they will pull over anyone for going a mile over the speed limit. The people who end up staying here (dumb-asses) live the rest of their life smoking marijuana, meth, crack, and become sex offenders. The county hardly ever wants to grow by constantly declining new restaurants, daycares, major retail stores, etc. The county is primarily full of a bunch of old white people who want to keep the county as rural as it possibly can.

-Lake Placid is full of primarily hicks and Mexicants and is the only town in the county without a Wal-Mart.

-Sebring is full of pedophiles(majority white old men usually aged above 70) and preps. They have possibly the shittiest mall in the world, but a decent theater.

-Avon Park is full of hoodlums (primarily blacks and Mexicans) and is the ghetto part of the county where the crime rate is high.

-There are a very few number of good-hearted people here
The majority of girls here are very trashy, not good looking, and are passed around the entire county. The majority of guys here are desperate for anything. The people love to gossip here and start cruel rumors.
*Take my advice kids of Highlands County , leave this piece of shit dumphole unless you have no future in life or want to get raped by a child molester.*

Also, Highlands County people need to stop thinking the number 863 is the coolest number in the world.
by XtrueX March 23, 2013
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Alright so Xtruex covered pretty much everything about this diarrhea shit of a county except for the fact that if you go here you DIE. This is not a joke. This county is actually cursed; I would swear my life on it but I know that if I did I would literally PERISH. I'm actually not from here but I have a friend that's from Seabring and literally every week there is some horrific death. I stopped asking her how things are back home because I know the loss of life will be involved. Do NOT go here you will fucking DIE.
"Oh my god there was just a shooting at the bank in Seabring"- my friend from Seabring

"Oh yeah back in high school, some kids set another kid on fire"- also my friend from Seabring *THIS IS NOT A JOKE IT ACTUALLY FUCKING HAPPENED*

"I once came within a 50 mile radius of Highlands County once and could feel demon inhabiting the town begin to tear the soul from my body" - Barack Obama
by Lil stevee February 12, 2019
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