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Someone with high society genes meets at least 7 of these requirements:
1) Natuarally straight teeth (no braces)
2) No acne (at the most a very little amount in HS)
3) Be of atleast 50% Dutch, French, or English Descent.
4) Skinny throughout life with little fitness.
5) Complete records of your Ethnic Background.
6) No family criminal records.
7) Straight, Roman, or Prominent Nose
8) Chin is either more underbite than overbite (Lockjaw or Austrian Habsburg Jaw) or even. Overbite=Whitetrash
9) Drink for the most part Wine, or expensive liquor (rarely beer)
10) Have a Prominent family name-NOT SMITH OR JOHNSON- and be related to someone famous.
High Society(requirements) examples are the Vanderbilts, Roosevelts, ...
by classyman4346 September 16, 2010
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