A person who, when he returns from school, immediately puts on lofi beats and starts doing his homework and other work. He doesn't get distracted for a single minute and follows his mental daily schedule. He finishes his day at 8 PM every day and only then does he lets himself relax and entertain himself through things like movies, weed, video games, browsing the internet, or spending time with friends, although he usually loves to just spend the evening reading a book because he loves reading. He does these things and only goes to sleep when his mental clock makes him feel drowsy which is usually at around 12 AM.
He's successful in whatever stage he is currently in and is always climbing the social ladder as well as his personal ladder through either small or big steps.
He never feels inadequate and can't be bothered by anything hurtful anyone throws at him.
When he enjoys drugs or parties it's in moderation and he can experience any great feeling without it affecting his life. While drug addicts and dopamine fiends enjoy the easy side of life, he outdoes them by enjoying the hard and easy side. When he dies, he will be at his deathbed next to his family and closest friends. At that moment, he will look back to all the pure and wonderful memories he's made and although he didn't necessarily make a difference on the world, he somewhat did by being productive and doing whatever he did best.
Every day, 24/7, he was high off life.
Man: I really look up to my dad man. Like I've been thinking and trying to find something that I could look down on him for and there really isn't anything.
Friend: I feel you, man. My dad's just like that. It's like all our dads are perfect and yet all so different.
Man: I just wonder if they've always been that way or if they figured it out at some point in their early life.
Friend: They're really High Off Life aren't they... I hope I can also be someday.
by Sir. Lesbian Taco January 26, 2022
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Those rare moments when EVERYTHING is perfect and you can sit back and breath again.

It’s a high feeling, even though you’ve never done drugs and don’t know what that feels like, that lets you let go and enjoy life before it all goes to shit again.
1: Hey, dude, are you okay?

2: Yeah, I’m perfect!
1: ..?
2: I’m just high off of life!
by Eh.. whatever.. February 10, 2019
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1. When someone is too poor to get drugs, so they go out and pretend they're on drugs instead.

2. Normally said by a sxe kid who doesn't do drugs, so they go around flaunting that they're "high off of life"

3. When your life is so fucking awesome that you don't need drugs to make you happy.
1. Guy1: Wtf is wrong with you, are you rolling or something?
Guy2: I wish, dude! I haven't thizzed in months! I've just been so high off of life.

2. Sxe Kid: I don't need drugs to get high! I'M HIGH OFF OF LIFE!!
Junkie: Stfu you fag.

3. Kid: My life is so great I don't need your shitty weed! I'm high off of life.
by monsterrr September 6, 2008
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