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1. Go to a party (preferably one you were not invited to)
2. Drink all the free beer you can.
3. Get some from any girl that is good looking

*. note1. after all the beer you won't know the difference.
4. Near the end of the night go to the bathroom, open up the top of the tiolet where the flushig mechanism is. Take a shit there. If you are lucky it will be a big nasty beer shit. Although any shit will do.
*. note2. It is better when it is your house. Although as note 1 stated...after all the beer you won't know the difference.
5. The result is one of the nastiest smells that you could imagine and depending on the intelligence of the searcher, it may never be located.
6. As long as you keep your mouth shut it is virtually impossable for it to be fraced back to you.
*. note3. If it does... Payback is a bitch and you probably won't be invited ever again. ANYWHERE. worth the risk.
"That party was lame as fuck so I fucked a girl in his moms bed, left a high floater, and took some beer from the fridge on my way out."
by Boomstyx March 04, 2003
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