Noun and verb describing a solid smack by the palm to someone's nose, eye, cheeks, and lips area, but can rarely include ears if done by a professional or Yao Ming. This phrase is typically used in a threat that is never executed. Reserved for talkers, not walkers.
Boss: "No complaints about coming in to work on Saturday morning, alright people?"
Kiss-Ass: "Oh, never! Let's do brunch."
Boss: "Raise your hand in favor."
Johnson: "I'll give you a hand...a high five in the face."
Boss: "What's that?"
Johnson: "McMuffins?"
by Seventothanine April 15, 2010
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The act of a woman launching herself fully nude onto the face of a gentleman caller.

Eating of the vagina after being landed on.
Hey babe, I'm feeling frisky. Can I have a high five to the face?
by JRizzle2016 February 5, 2020
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