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Demand to communicate with your body! Not to be confused with sign language. Man slang for "shut up and dance."
Shush, girl. Hush your lips. Do the Helen Keller and talk with your hips.
by Seventothanine April 18, 2010
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The paradoxical opposite of "boss"; fucking obnoxious, crappy, douchey, nasty, or lame.

Could also be a noun with the above mentioned qualities.
1. Player: "Hey, is Ho there?"
Victim: "Wrong Number."
Player: "But this is what she wrote on my hand."
Victim: "Sorry, but this---"
Player: "Why she gotta play me like that?"
Victim: "Can we---"
Player: "You lying."
Victim: "Oh, I get it, because you're antiboss! You think she liked you! Cute."
Player: "Where you at? Hello?"

2. Just watch The Lonely Island's "Normal Guy." You will understand.
by Seventothanine May 11, 2010
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Noun and verb describing a solid smack by the palm to someone's nose, eye, cheeks, and lips area, but can rarely include ears if done by a professional or Yao Ming. This phrase is typically used in a threat that is never executed. Reserved for talkers, not walkers.
Boss: "No complaints about coming in to work on Saturday morning, alright people?"
Kiss-Ass: "Oh, never! Let's do brunch."
Boss: "Raise your hand in favor."
Johnson: "I'll give you a hand...a high five in the face."
Boss: "What's that?"
Johnson: "McMuffins?"
by Seventothanine April 15, 2010
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