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Discovery by Tyrone Cadillac Hiffman, Ghd and Winky Shaffer Ghd

Category - Mood Disorder

Etiology - Research has shown a strong biological component for this disorder, with environmental factors playing a role in the exacerbation of symptoms.

Symptoms - Eye lid discomfort, crying, bags under eyes, anal itching and leakage, ear canal blockage and leaking.

Treatment - high quality cannibus, good sex, reality checks, running away, going postal.

Prognosis- For more severe cases, prognosis is poor in terms of ’curing’ the illness, as most people need to remain on medication for their entire lives. The manic episodes may slow down as a result of the natural aging process. With treatment, the illness can be kept at a minimum level, with some people not experiencing any overt symptoms for months and even years.
1. you have heard to much BS this week and start having symptoms of Hiffman-Shaffer Disorder
2. someone is lying in your face and you already know causes Hiffman-Shaffer Disorder
3. a friend goes on vacation before they pay you back.
4. a significant other is posted on a sex offender website.
by allforone23 July 15, 2010
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