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People that spell in text/hick ebonics talk on a regular basis and think it looks/sounds cool when it truly only makes them look like an illiterate dumbass.
Wow that girl is an idiot, look at her Hick Ebonics! On Facebook she wrote on my friends page "Me so hawt, hada whur ma wife beeter and dayzi dooks fur ma furst dey of cowledg skool tadey. Yer wurkin tamaro rite? Iz fawty bux enuf tu cuver dat nuw fone I waunt? Y cantt N E 1 undur staund me on hur? Ppl say I shuldn't have babiz cuz thur smawter den meya. Whu seyz jest cuz I spendt 3 yrz in da aighth grayd den qwit skewl, i gawt ma GED !? A nudder pursin tinx I gawt patentiol tu B smawrt. Sew sik uf dum ppl putin ma wurds dowen."
by SassyJax01 March 08, 2011
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