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A hick flick is like a chick flick except the target audience is retarded mountain-folk with four first names that will believe anything is possible if it's accompanied by enough explosions and loud sounds.

Most commonly, hick flicks are crappy, over-hyped action movies that have no bearing on reality. They feature the kind of stunts and effects that even a sixth grader can tell are completely implausible, if not straight impossible. The same sixth grader can tell that the acting and writing is completely sub-standard even for a cheesy movie.
Billy Jo Jim Bob: "Dude! Fast and the Furious was the best movie of all time!"

Sixth grader: "No it wasn't. It was a stupid hick flick."

Billy Jo Jim Bob: "No way man, they jumped a semi with a GTO!"

Sixth grader: "That's what I'm talking about..."
by BalderHash May 19, 2011
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