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Hibernophobia a.k.a anti-Irish sentiment, may refer to or include persecution, discrimination, hatred or fear of the Irish as an ethnic or national group, whether directed against Ireland in general or against Irish immigrants and their descendants in the Irish diaspora.

In the past the Irish have been unfairly stereotyped as "thick Paddies", "alcoholics", "terrorists", etc, and whilst some Irish people may have looked upon this as a bit of banter, others object, viewing it as a form of racism.
Person 1: I am going on holiday to Ireland next week
Person 2: OMG don't go, Ireland is a dangerous place full of terrorists and gypsies.
Person 1: Seriously?... You are such a Hibernophobe, Ireland is a beautiful country.
Person 2: WTF is Hibernophobia... <== (this is the reason it needs to be added to UD)
by AyeYerMa August 06, 2016
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