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An interdimensional anomaly insinuating device that is used to destroy all energy, matter, space, and time. Though spreads the user(s) across the spans to parallel existence's. Which can be but not limited too; the past, the future, a differing present, and/or a void plain.

Has multiple uses; including time travel, interdimensional travel, h4x0ring, and removing abandoned heavy-duty offshore oil rigs.

First discovered by the foot fire lighting ninja's, the device throughout the mortal conception of time has been the cause of the destruction of the universe several times. Though with use in alternate dimensions have canceled out the device being used in the current time space. Though some speculate this cannot be known as, if the universe were to suddenly to become nonexistent we would never be one to realize it as our consciousness would also cease to exist. And a different consciousness in a similar parallel universe would continue on with the nonexistence of the other self.
...Extraordinary as it may be, triggered another time paradox in the fourth dimension which counteracted my first time paradox and reinstated the original hibernal photoconductors, and as a direct consequence reinstates much of the story that was previously nullified, but as an end result, nullifies all storyline emanating from the first mention of the mysterious disappearance of the hibernal photoconductor, which is a total...
by Satans Blob, Mako January 22, 2005
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