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Where half of the students are Cuban refs from Hialeah and the other half are more Cubans but since they live in Miami lakes they think they’re better . The classes are very easy and everyone is always high , usually half of the class is high . The law and digital media magnets are irrelevant and are only for the stupid kids that wanna be in a magnet . The iprep kids think they are cool Bc they have a laptop and honor classes and because they have a microwave. The football team is horrible, so are the cheer and dance teams. No one takes anything seriously in that school. The volleyball team is pretty good. And there are fights almost every day. There are A LOT of cute guys and a lot of people know and hang out with people from Goleman. Overall it’s a great and fun school if u like all the things listed above. WE ARE HML
I’m going to go to Hialeah- Miami lakes senior high school because I live right in front of it and my parent don’t wanna drive me to Goleman
by Hahanenwkshebwj January 14, 2019
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50% Recent Cuban Migrants (All in ESOL), 25% Black Kids (Mostly Jamaican), and 24.99% American gringos who try to act ghetto or black. the other 0.01% is recent European migrants (Aimah in I-Prep).
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by ElBigBoyChapo February 03, 2019
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