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Generic fake footballers name which was created at a time of high transfer speculation surrounding Celtic Football Club. Originating from a typo on a "rumour mill" style website, the fictional player is now a byword for the last word in idle transfer speculation.

The players name came from a typo in the phrase "I wouldn't sign him unless...", where the writer typed "I wouldn't sign hi munless". Speculation then proliferated as to who this "Hi Munless" player was that the writer wouldn't sign.

Now used as a sarcastic response to an unlikely and wildly speculative transfer rumour on football internet forums - i.e. "why don't we sign Hi Munless while we're at it"
"why don't we sign Hi Munless while we're at it"

"is Hi Munless signing today"

"Could use him in a swap deal for Hi Munless"
by Kerrydale Street January 14, 2008
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