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Very uncommon misspelling of High School.

1) A place where teenagers put too much effort into something that will not matter a day after graduation.

2) A place where teenagers think they know it all; often starting unresearched arguments with equally clueless teenagers on world-politics while the teacher plays Solitaire and checks his/her e-mails.

3) A failure of an education system. By the last two years 90% of the students are no longer motivated and just want to get out of the mess. This stems from poor teachers, a poor and inconsistent curriculum (see: foreign languages), being in a shit-hole for a good portion of the past 730 days.

4) A place where there may be up to a hundred cliques, if not more. Members of these cliques cross-over into others frequently. It's all very confusing, but the "main" ones are often: Preps, Jocks, Stoners, Nerds, Normal.
"Hi school really sucked yesterday."

"'Hi school'? You said that wrong."


"It's 'High school'. Duh."

"How could you know how I spelt something I said?"

"The 'gh' isn't as silent as you think."
by Cag February 15, 2007
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