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Warning: This word will draw attention to you, you will gain popularity. We only suggest using it if you are the coolest, most daring meme lord. Or an outgoing person, seeking fame.

(The more you emphasize the word the better) If using over text, you can spell it: hGoYNk, HyGOinK, etc. To make your point more valid, or to just spice it up a bit.

Noun: A more supreme, more modern way to say zipline, and/or describe the 'action of ziplining'
Verb: To zipline

Person 1: " One time my uncle's grandma once fell off of a hygoynk, and was diagnosed with ligma the day after."
person 2: "Hmm, yeah I guess it really b like that sometimes, Alexa play despacito." (sips tea)
by $UpEr $wAgG mEMelORd! September 25, 2018
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