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Anyone who has a name like this must be a badass. Insanely popular and everyone likes him. Got heaps of swag and definitely a part person. Summed up in one word a tank
Guy1: Look at that guy. He's such a tank!
Guy2: He must be a Hezron.
by hugschucklol March 30, 2012
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The most sexy motherfucker you'll ever me in your life this man will fuck The soul out of your girl and eat your mom's ass for dessert while fingering your sister.the way this man will fuck could go on from days,weeks,years to fucking lifetimes.cause once he commited he doesn't stop.their have been an entire agency's commited to stop his mass fucking.if you ever meet a hezron......may god help you

On the other hand another hezron could be a complete fucking idiot with no commen sense and stuck in their own world.they wear suspenders and light em up sketchers with the slight scent of jizz. If you meet this hezron slowly back away.BUT CAUTIOUSLY he may try to bite you like a guard dog
They will likely come in t-shirts and cargi shirts smelling Abercrombie and Fitch with the most charming and generous look on his face,like nothing could go wrong
The other hezron would have been sticking you for weeks and would be approaching you sweaty af and lookimg at your toes the whole time with a very deep fascination(they will likely like toes and collect toe nails in their spare time)and again I cannot stress this enough back away CAUTIOSLY,HE WILL BITE
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