A way of flirting while starting a conversation w a significant other
Him: Hey big head😅

Her : oh hey 😜
by Slanggodd July 15, 2017
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What a chick from your past says when she calls/text you out of the blue because she either got dumped or is not receiving the attention she wants from the dudes she thought she could lock down.
Her: Hey big head wyd!
Him: who is this..ohhh wassup long time no hear from...
by 2-stroke Bloke October 19, 2022
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when you're talking to someone with an enormous sized head.

An unusual sized head, that's not normal-sized.
Me: Hey Big Head

Friend (with a big head): You talking to me?

Me: Yes, who else has a big head

Friend: Oh you right
by ayoowassup1 August 2, 2019
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