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an awesome pop/rock/punk group similar to paramore. Their album is called Hold On Tight and their first single is called Homecoming. The band consists of Cassadee Pope (lead vocals), Michael "Jersey" Moriarty (bass guitar), Mike Gentile (lead guitar), Alex Lipshaw (rhythm guitar), Elliot James (drums) and Bobby Nolan (Keyboard).
Hey Monday is one of my favorite bands.
by WOWitsme January 04, 2009
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An American Rock band that originated from Florida.
The members are:
Lead Vocals- Cassadee Pope
Bass Guitar- Michael "Jersey" Moriarty
Lead Guitar- Mike Gentile
Rythm Guitar- Alex Lipshaw
Drums- Elliot James
Keyboard- Bobby Nolan

Sometimes they are mistaken for Paramore.. having a female lead singer and the rest of the band males..
There style sometimes overlaps with that of Paramore
Person 1- Have you heard of Hey Monday?
Person 2- No, who are they?
Person 1- Pretty much the same as Paramore.
Person 2- ah cool.
by katt_mann January 05, 2009
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A little washed-out pop-punk band. The band is filled with unoriginal little wannabes. And on top of being complete untalented sellouts Hey Monday are also copy-cats it's
So ovious that the band is trying to be like paramore, it's so annoying.
Hey monday Sucks!!
by Jfkrkkdjejjd June 22, 2009
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A hilarious TV show which shows kids with special needs trying to create music. It's seriously the funniest thing on TV.

Cassidy "Can't spell my first name" Pope
Michael "Think my name is Jersey" Moriarty
Mike Genitals
Alex Lipshawed off
Elliot "Has a Pussy" James
Dummy Nolan

Basically, they try to imitate their favorite band Paramore with hilarious results! They're so bad at it, you have to laugh hysterically!
Jim: Look everybody! "Hey Monday" is on!

Lisa: Really! Oh, AHAHAHAHAHAHA! This show is so funny!

Richard: I know, I love watching retarded kids try to make music! I just kills me!
by fgsfdsMASTER June 28, 2009
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