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Behavior at work that could be deemed "niggerish" however is pulled off by a smooth talking, easy going white individual and leads to career advancement. i.e. (arriving to work late, insulting clients, calling off work when not sick at an exorbitant rate, running through female employees at an exorbitant rate)
Person 1- Wasn't he supposed to be in at 7 today?
Person 2- I believe so.
Person 1- That's downright niggerish right there. He looks half asleep too!
Person 2- I wouldn't use that word.
Person 1- I know I'm still not used to them working in corporate society.
Person 2- No, I just meant you used the wrong word. It's Heugelish. He just got promoted to VP of Marketing
Person 1- My bad, yea that's some Huegelish shit right there.
Person 2- Atta boy.
by sinistar462 June 13, 2013
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