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A large group of girls (and some dudes) that enjoy the manga and anime Axis Powers: Hetalia. Mainly with an age group between 11-17. Most of the fans enjoy yaoi (boy on boy relationships) and some fans enjoy hetro (girl on boy) or yuri (girl on girl).
Fan: *sobs while reading Auf Wiedersehen Sweetheart*

Normal Person: *is scared of the Hetalia Fandom*
by RavenSkyToTheGrooves July 30, 2015
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A crazy fandom of women that love homosexual men but the men act like "No homo bitch " after Having sex with another dude but are secretly homo
Germany ; -in bed after sex with Italy- No homo btw. Omg I love the hetalia fandom
by Secretly the homo God April 21, 2015
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