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A movement that seeks to make being a sex slave into a quasiprofession. There would be laws against beating and any form of mental cruality. They could own property and have the right to there own personal,romantic and sexual relationships. Other than that her master would own sexual access to her. She would have to regester as a Hetaira with the government mainly to protect her rights.
She would get free medical and dental care and regular check ups.And be able to take anything she wanted from a store ect. without paying for it because they believe that a happy woman will be more sexually responsive.
She would be given a free education. And also have to learn certain subjects such as contraception,the art of conversation,singing,music and all the arts,the right way to perform flatio,how to have orgasms ect. and philosophy of sex,history of sex ect. and how to be a social and sexual butterfly.
The concept is based on the Hetaira of ancient Greece.
Some women have voiced the opinion that they would rather sell themselves into the Hetaira sex slave system than become a victim of domestic violance.
The word Hetaira is greek for companion.
by Deep blue 2012 July 25, 2010
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