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A style of dirty underground Hip Hop that originated in Southern Oregon. A very eclectic form of the genre that implements samples that range from anywhere between Death Metal to Cher and beyond.

Lyrical themes tend to touch on current social and political issues, family and friends, skateboarding, and Oregonian Hesh Life.
dude 1 : Man, you see that dude sitting over there with the mesh hat and flannel drinking Tecate spitting Wu-Tang lyrics at his skateboard?!

dude 2 : Yeah, he's lurked out pretty hard, ain't he?

dude 1 : That's some serious Hesh Hop.
by Solace Theory July 19, 2009
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a style of hip hop with absolutely no boundaries. Hesh hoppers dont give a fuck where the sample for a track, or beat come from, they will tear it up regardless.

A form of Hip Hop that takes on many different facets of style, thereby not being pigeonholed to any one certain sound.
bro #1 - How the hell do you go from Cher samples to Cannibal Corpse samples and make it sound good???!!!

bro #2 - It's all in the Hesh Hop, dude... Seriously.
by Hesh Daddy August 27, 2009
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