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Hervules is a STD. You can catch Hervules while doing any sexual act (vaginal, oral, anal, etc.).

Hervules is a treatable but deadly STD.

Symptoms include but are not limited to:
Orgasmic periods, Violent shoulder slinging, Organ leakage from naval, extreme hair growth on arse (grows back right away after shaving or waxing), and noticable shrinkage and growth of breasts and balls.

Hervules can be cured by taking an ointment, which you must eat, that taste like everything that makes you cry. It's opposite tast would most likely cure cancer.
"Dude, wanna come to Jen's tonight?" "No fucking way, dude. That bitch gave me hervules."
by Dem Bitches Be Trippin' August 19, 2011
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