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Unemployed banker who plants "dope" seeds everywhere he goes.

Laid-back guy to just hang-out with but, beware of the "aliens".

Proprietor of Frog Sanctuary and Rescue Center: He will tromp through the desert to save a puddle of tadpoles.

King/Authenticator of Christmas Decorations: He will inform you if your manger scene is incorrect.

Bringer of Awards
According to Herschdogg, his manger scene was right on.

I pulled a Herschdogg yesterday, I saw a bunch of tadpoles in the mud and scooped 'em up, and took 'em to the pond.

I'm feelin' kinda flacid, think I'll go hang with Herschdogg tonight and play some Risk.
by James Nitrane February 03, 2010
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