The worst fucking experience possible next to dying from fire or getting ripped to shreds cell by cell. At the beginning it will be mildly annoying and will definitely not out wage love for heroin you will have before it turns into pure hatred. After some time, withdrawal will become not just stronger but can be life threatening. You will feel your heart WHOLE THE TIME beating at the same speed you can jack off. Anxiety will at level that is non-fucking-manageable. You will feel that you are going to die definitely at this right second, and you think like that every second. Everything aches, even fucking breathing, you will have no energy and will only be able to lay and hopefully fall asleep...HAHA XD Just kidding you can imagine yourself sleeping at best. You will enter what i call half-hell alive, when you want to fall sleep and feel tired but when you lay in the bed, instead of relief you move into a state when you can't move, you can't fall asleep. Its like ur body is trying to sleep but your consciousness just can't fucking turn off.
If heroin would be a woman, she would give you best succ you had your entire life daily every minute for 10 days. But suddenly at the day 14-25 she will just bite your dick off eat it and than proceed to shoot you right in your heart at least 50 fucking times.

People can tell you that meth withdrawal is bad...XDDDD to this people i say " F.U.C.K.Y.O.U" i had meth withdrawals and they aren't even 10 % of what heroin withdrawals can do.
1. Dude you are just back from clinic death holly shit what was it like ?

2.God told me i wasn't so good so he send me down to heroin withdrawal.

3. Jeez no wonder you woke up screaming
by MaciekDlaczego January 9, 2019
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