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The Hero Bracer quest in Everquest is a quest that gives a huge amount of experience every time you do it. First, you have to make it so that the people in the city of Queynos like you, or raising your faction with them.

You can do this in the West Karana Planes. There is a person sitting next to a fisherman on one of the lakes. You must give him nonstacked bottles of milk. You can give him up to 4 every time. This will earn you a miniscule amount of experience for every bottle, but you would have to do it for a year straight before you gained a level. Every time you give him a bottle of milk, your faction with Queynos will increase.

After about half an hour of this, head to South Queynos. In the Player vs Player arena, near the place where they keep the beasts, there will be a champion standing in the middle of a blood-drenched room. Hail him, talk to him a bit. If he says you are allowed to go on the mission, you have enough faction. If he doesn't, go back and do the milk thing for a while more.

Ignore his instructions, and go to the Steamfont Mountains. Follow the path until you find some windmills. Hug the mountainside on the right, and follow it until you come to a cave. Defeat 2 Minotaur Slavers within roughly 15 seconds, then head back outside near the gear. There will be a monster named "Minotaur Hero." Do NOT confuse him with the Minotaur Lord. They are two different monsters. Kill the hero.. He will drop the "Minotaur's Shackles", or something of the sort. Take it back to the champion in South Queynos, and give it to him. Boom. XP Galore.

Along the way, kill a bunch of rats and see if you can get any Plague Rat Tails to give to the newbies fighting here. They greatly appreciate it, and there will be plenty of them.
Sliver tells the guild, "Hey GofG, what are you up to?"
Gofg tells the guild, "Eh, you know. Doing Hero Bracers. It gets dull, but I'm leveling faster than you :)"
by January 01, 2006
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