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In the game Smite, playing as the smith of the gods, it is the act of placing a turret into the field of battle announcing it to your enemies in a somewhat cocky optimistic tone only to have said whipped up turret destroyed within seconds making his hours of whipping up his creation from scratch in his shitty forge down the ass.
Example of a scenario
Announcer: Your left phoenix is under attack.
Player 1: (VDD) Defend!
You*Defending the phoenix from 3 enemies*: "Heres something I whipped up"
*They destroy the turret within 3 seconds*
*Enemies destroy left phoenix**Enemies gank you*
Player 1: (VVGG) Good Game!
Player 1: (VVGG) Good Game!
Player 1: (VER) You Rock!
Player 1: (VVGG) Good Game!
by Mr Macho Goodie November 06, 2013
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