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Herculobes (adjective) Promounced Her-Q-Lobes

1. Herculobes describes a male person whom has exceedingly gigantic ears paying close attention to the size of the ear lobes. For some one to genuinely have a pair of Herculobes, the ear lobes must be inproportionately large just a little shy of sporting a pair of dumbos - an exergeration to make a point.

2. Herculobes also refers to a person who is so nosy they could not make it through the day without sticking their Herculobes into some ones business. No matter how many times you tell this Mrs. Kravits to stay out of your business, nothing ever changes. Their Herculobes are always trained on you and your personal, private life.
I have never seen a pair of Herculobes up close and personal, all I can say is eeeew!

You better get your ole nosy Herculobes out of my personal business or pay the consequences.

There is this one person who lives in the same apartment building as I who is nothing more then a Herculobe.

I cannot stand Herculobes; I have never met one that was not a manipulative bulldozer leaving distruction in their wake.
by HaleyAllen September 04, 2016
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