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A person of robust stature. Can more commonly be observed sleeping, with or without headphones. When not snoring or sneezing like a bitch, a Henwart can be observed peeking from around the corners of cubicles, likely with a bag of Cheetos in hand. Though not superstitious a Henwart does display slight inclinations of paranoia. To his own credit, this trepid feeling of unease regarding the ever observant eye of “THE MAN” was recently confirmed. It seems a Henwart foiled a heinous scheme involving the human replacement of a local office gnome; see Zaccheo. Though incredulous, few Northerners dismiss the event as rumor, rather believing the hideous tumor resting atop his head has endowed him with the supernatural power of “Keeping it Real”.
There I was just cooling with the fellas and who walks in? Thats right, B-Double Dizzle. Pants sagging, Robot swaggin and twice large as life. A Henwart if ever was.

Dang Cuz, aint no one watching! You're starting to trip yo. Relax. Don't Henwart up on me now.

Last night was bombing! Had that girl screamin loud as a sneeze from a Henwart, and be tapping her sister tonight. Tomorrow night...DoubleDutch. Tag da'bofem! Boom-Boom-Pow!!!
by NightShifter August 31, 2009
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