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The Main Character and protagonist in Silent Hill 4: The Room. Henry is a calm, young man who never lets his feelings show. Henry moved into into Room 302 in an apartment complex called South Ashfield Heights, located in the medium sized city of Ashfield, which is about half a day's drive away from Silent Hill. Henry soon had nightmares and developed headaches, soon noticing that he has been locked inside of his apartment room for five days. Suddenly a large hole appears in his bathroom, and as the game progresses, get's larger. With no reason or warning, he is dragged into the depths of terror.
Person one: Dude, have you seen Jack?

Person two: No man, not at all. He's been shut in his room for days. Playing video games I expect.

Person one: Damn, what a Henry Townshend.
by Red Pyramid Thing June 14, 2011
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