Henri Charriere (known as Papillon in the gang world) was a bad ass man who was wrongly convicted of murder and spent the best years of his life trying to escape inhuman conditions in the French island jails in order to obtain freedom. After various escape attempts and various different methods (using everything from guns, TNT, Cocoa leaves, two random Caribbean wives he picked up, sleeping potions, insane people, ect.) he managed to escape to freedom on his last attempt by jumping off a cliff and floating on a bag of coconuts in shark infested waters seventy miles to the nearest island. Papillon is the definition of what perseverance, dedication, and insane fearless desperation can achieve.
If Henri "Papillon" Charriere could do it, I can do it.

Woa, calm down there Papillon, that idea's too crazy you'll get yourself killed.
by David Sommerset September 7, 2010
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