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A medical condition that effects only the male gender. The condition causes a perfectly normal male to become unwillingly celibate. Any natural pheremones produced by the body are shut down and the infected will be unable to attract the opposite sex. Symptoms include the infected often exhibit awkward characteristics when around females, usually talk too loud, unwillingly cock block themselves by having uncontrollable urges to upgrade their car, and make claims of being attractive to cover up their sudden onset of celibacy. To date Hemicosta is not cureable and the cause is unknown. If your a virgin and diagnosed with Hemicosta doctors often advise to "not get your hopes up."
Garrett - "is that dude driving a dodge neon with tinted windows and a body kit"

Keith - "Yeah hes either a poor douchebag trying to act like he doesnt still live at home or he has Hemicosta."
by Tim Losman August 05, 2009
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