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Phrase used by AfricanoBOi, "AfricanoBoiShow" on youtube. A literal definition; It's a harsh way of "No." or "No way."
But he doesn't use it as often as before, which sucks.

Sing the phrase in a high opera-like voice, and to hold out the "Hell" & "Nah" for 3 seconds, and the "Nigga" for 5 seconds. Vibrato is optional.

WARNING: White people/anyone who isn't Black should never say this, unless you hate your life and wish to end it or if a hospital is nearby.
-In a store-
-employee runs up to you-
Bitch: Hai sir! Like, could I help you or anything?
Tim: No, I'll just look myself.
Bitch: All right sir, may I suggest the clearance rack since you're black?
Tim: What?
Bitch: You're black, you want the clearance rack! Right?
Tim: ...
Bitch: -smiles- It's right over there, sir!

-pimp slaps Bitch across face-


Joey: Hey Tim, you got any oreos?
Tim: Hell nah nigga! I got some nilla wafers though.
by Oh man. o3o August 29, 2009
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