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Pronounced (Heal-E-oxide). It's a molecule composed of one atom of helium and one atom of oxygen (HeO). Helioxide is a liquid. Helioxide is a colorless, tasteless, odorlrss drinkable volatile liquid which lowers the freezing point of your blood. Helioxide can be consumed to prevent frostbite. Helioxide is like antifreeze, but as safe as water. Helioxide is fully soluble in water. Helioxide is completely harmless to your hair, skin, eyes, and if swallowed even in large amounts. This liquid is non toxic and non corrosive. Helioxide is tasteless, odorless, and colorless. Helioxide does not mess wit your brain or central nervous system. Helioxide does not get you high. The specific heat for helioxide is 0.95 calories per gram per degree celsius. The boiling point of helioxide is 86.13 degrees celsius. The freezing point of helioxide is -103.88 degrees celsius.The density of helioxide is 0.70 grams per milliliter. Helioxide does not dry hair or skin. Helioxide has pretty much the same viscosity as water. A 35% aqueous solution of helioxide by volume freezes at about -35 degrees celsius.
Person A:Have you heard about the new liquid!
Person B:You mean the one that stops you from freezing solid?
Person A:Yeah!!!
Person B:Whoooaaa!!! Antifreeze(Helioxide)!!!!
by Unfreezable August 10, 2010
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