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A helichopter is simply another way to say helicopter - albeit a better one! It is also the act of using helicopter blades t o chop fruit or vegetables, like carrot.
Definition 1
Person 1: I weeeely weeely want to get a toy helichopter
Person 2: ok you can get it!
Definition 2
Person 1: Did you hear Jeff makes a really good stir-fry!?
Person 2: yeah, I hear he uses a helichopter to cut his brocolinni.
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by (=_=) May 16, 2017
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a girl (or boy) who bites down while giving a blow job
friend 1: my dickstill hurts from last night
friend 2: why bro?
friend 1: marissa is a helichopter!
by bk. may February 10, 2014
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A slang name for a helicopter, used by people who say things like Lofl, Rmao, etc. Especially used by people who play Call of Duty 4, or any other games that include military Helicopter
In CoD4:
"Duude! 7 kill streak! Call in ur Heli-Chopter!"

In Real Life:
"Man, your dad has a Heli-Chopter? Niice!"
by The Day Hound June 15, 2009
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