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1.) A Word to describe a Feeling of being Good yet, Bad.
2.) An Answer in Disgust.
3.) An Insult.
4.) A violent way of saying "Huh?"
Ex.1) to describe how your feeling/

Jerry asks Ben "how are you doing?" Ben replies "Hehhhhhh."

Ex.2) to describe a taste/

Tom took a sip of his Beer and replied "Hehhhhhh."

Ex.3) to Insult/

Something you could yell out your car window to someone when you only have a split second to do so/

Sally saw some people she hated and rolled down her car window and yelled "Hehhhhhh!" as she drove by.

Ex.4) Violently Confused/
Pat yelled to Rick, who was across the street walking away, something Insulting. Rick barely heard him and replied as he turned around with "Hehhhhh!?!?"
by BlueXZ September 11, 2011
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