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Originated in Delco, New York, it's the word anyone that's anybody uses in their everyday conversations. It can be used to describe something, "The truck sounds so heeyaunts after he made it dual exhaust." It can be used as a noun, "Pass my heeyauntser(beer) over here." Or as an adjective, "Heeyaunts on over to she dece GK one time boyy!" But most commonly, it is used to substitute cuss words, "Get your heeyauntsin ass outta here!". BUT BEWARE OF HEEYAUNTS OVERLOAD! The word heeyaunts should not, I repeat NOT be used more than twice in one sentence. For example, this is heeyaunts overload "Heeyaunts my heeyauntsin heeyauntser over heeeeeeyaunts!!!!"
Speaker #1, "What the heeyaunts is going on tonight?"

Speaker #2, "Were gonna heeyaunts down the Delco river and go cabrewing!"

Speaker #1, "Sounds like a heeyauntsin good time!"

Speaker #2, "HEEYAUNTS!"
by Claire Elise Gutliph April 11, 2010
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