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A small small town that contains a whole lot of nothing. Nothing meaning only one convenience store (IGA) and only one fast food place (Alibertos). Like every town there is a post office and a library. That's about it. Heber has a very small population of nerdfighters, (if you counted them right now you wouldn't have to count very high because you would only be counting to the number 1). Heber specializes in creating WorldSuck.

They say in a small town things grapevine pretty fast? Well you have no idea until you live in a town this small. Nothing is secret and nothing is sacred.

The population on Heber goes to a high school called Mogollon High School. We excel in sports and music, and have the best small ensemble on the white mountains.
Person #1: Have you heard about what's her name? She asked what's his name to the dance didn't she?

Person #2: Of course I've heard about what's her name. Who hasn't heard about her?

Person #3 (lonely nerd type person): I haven't heard about what's her name.

Person #1: Well that sir is because you are a nerd, and nerds are not allowed to be included in the grapevine. You are not permitted to know anything. The only thing you're good for is to be made fun of.

Person #3: *grabs stuff and walks away slowly pretending this never happened*

That's your run through of a normal day in small town Heber, Arizona, USA.
by nerdfighterlike101 February 02, 2011
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