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Melancholy; depressed; sad.
When your heart is weighted down by sorrow. Often times a death, or when you are still in love with someone from the past.
With a very heavy heart I must inform you all that John "Buddha" Camille passed away.
by Josh Carrico June 05, 2006
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A condition in which a seller of a collectable or desirable item (sometimes acquired through a friendship) places that item up for sale at an inflated price, accompanied by a (typically weak) tear-jerking bullshit story of woe, sadness and distress. The tale of woe may involve the illness of a pet, damage to a vehicle, or a bill that is due.

The indication of a "heavy heart" vs. an actual hardship condition may be most often characterized by a call out to one's "Brothers" or "Bros" as an attempt to endear, and the inclusion of a trade option for another collectable item.
Brothers! It is with a heavy heart that I list this grail for sale. My paraplegic pet hermit crab needs a new articulating Titanium prosthetic claw. I was saving for it, but my car broke down, since I need the car to drive my blind cockatoo to the vet 3 times a week for it's dialysis treatments, I had to pay the mechanic using the money that was left to me by my great grandfather Skip, a man that was born a conjoined twin attached at the ankle to his brother. I need cash immediately! I will however consider trades involving Sibert, Emerson, Burch, or Hinderer, valued at table price.
by Desmodromic December 19, 2012
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