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Area in wolverhampton has a fair bit of gang crime mainly from the UDC (demoltion crew) Heath town mainly has coucil flats and around 15 high rise flats ranging from 4-22stories high it also has a hospital and asmall shops a cinima and plaenty of fast food restaraunts nearby.
Heath town kid: Yo blud lets go up reans and start a fight
by wvalltheway July 09, 2009
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A area to the north of wolverhampton in the past 15 years the area has suffered allot of drug and gang crime mainly to do with the UDC the demolition crew. Whos worst enymies are the reans crew.

Haethtown is built up of mainly high rise flats and council houses wolverhamptons hospital is also situated in the centre of heathown
Heath town boy stab that mutha fuka blud

Random geez no thats mean plus he'll die

Heath town boy naa he wont the hospital is right over there
by wv all the way July 08, 2009
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