A song that you become addicted to the first time you hear it. Thus causing you to play it over and over and over again, annoying your neighbors, pissing off your friends, irritating the cat and disturbing the fish.

A song you play so much that your phone is sick of it and your computer is thinking of shutting down forever.
Man, that snappy new tune is really cooking with gas, Daddy-O!!! This is some pure hearoin, I ain't ever gonna kick this bitch outta my ear-holes!!! Let's boogie, groove, bust a move; mosh, pogo, jerk and twerk; freak, crunk, get so drunk; dab, floss, wobble and smurf; boot scootin boogie and the cha cha slide; cabbage patch, running man, the Harlem shake; the twist, the swim and the mashed potato; do the stroll, the bunny hop, conga and Charleston. Just keep playing this song forever!!!
by Prometheus, Give Fire To Words February 21, 2021
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