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A healthitarian is not the equivalent of a vegetarian, nor is it the equivalent vegan. A healthitarian is one who does not consume anything that could be hazardous to ones health. Be it meat, dairy, or products with harmful ingredients and/or preservatives, a healthitarian will stay away from it all. A true healthitarian strives to eat, mainly, organic fruit, vegetables and beans that grow, are prepared and delivered to the end consumer naturally (without growth hormones or any man-made/unhealthy additives). Home-made juices/smoothies (without sugar or any other additives)(Just fruit, vegetables, or other naturally-occurring healthy foods) are good for you too!
Katie: Here, eat this dead cow meat!

Travis: No thank you, Katie. I don't eat meat, or anything for that matter with growth hormones, saturated fat, trans fat...

Katie: Want some utter-juice?

Travis: Thanks for asking, but I don't drink that stuff; again, trans and saturated fat.

Katie: What kind of fast-food do you eat?

Travis: Actually, I don't eat fast-food. Only un-modified, fresh fruits, vegetables, tree-nuts or beans that do not have any unhealthy additives put into or on them whatsoever.

Katie: What about some of this candy?

Travis: Check those labels out: tartrazine, other artificial colours and flavours, all of that sugar.. Well, simply put, no.

Katie: You'll have some pop, won't you?

Travis: Glucose-fructose (high fructose corn syrup), sugar, caffeine... Definately not!

Katie: Why won't you eat or drink any of that stuff?

Travis: Because I am a healthitarian. And it's okay that you're not, I still love you, you're awesome, but I am always happy to see people becoming more health-conscious!

Katie: Being a healthitarian sounds marvelous, but doesn't the food taste bland?

Travis: Not at all; you don't need toxic ingredients like monosodium glutamate to have food taste delicious! There are many wonderful-tasting, organic, healthy, natural and nutritious types of food out there, I can help you find them if you want!

Katie: That sounds spectacular, I'll become a healthitarian right away! Thank you so much for telling me about this amazing life-style!
by Lโ™ฅvely October 22, 2009
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