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The mother of all bitchslaps. Capable of breaking teeth/bones and making a wigger white again.
Father: Boy, I swear if you don't start talkin right imma He-Man Bitchslap you into next week.
by Rollin Coal July 22, 2009
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Power bitchslap to the face. Must have a big windup and delivered with such force the intended targets head is snapped sideways. Usually handed out by a very pissed off person or big muscley beefcake. Sound of the slap can be heard down the street. Hard enough to pop eyeballs from the sockets and loosen teeth.
That was no ordinary bitchslap. That was a He-Man bitchslap.
by Taylz March 06, 2014
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The mother of all bitch slaps. You have to twist to get enough power.
u mother fucker ill heman bitch slap you"OW" my girl gave me a heman bitch slap because i fuck her best mate, it through me across the room.
by devon smith March 18, 2004
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