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Considered to be a MLG-Gaming pro, he is the bomb diggity at Minecraft, and he is a famous youtuber with thousands of subscribers. His specialty in Minecraft is PVP, it was said that he never lost a pvp battle. Usually if he is losing however he just flies away so they can't get him.

Hawkeye Gaming is notorious for not being able to craft an axe. How sad. But his MLG self, people generally don't care about his cons, but look up to his benefits. For example: His unbelievable PVP skills. He's even done a 360 no-scope barrel roll triple flip to take down 6 opponents at once.

Rather than that, he is very, very popular and fans are usually always flocking around him on a daily basis. Many fans are obsessive and would even kill for Hawkeye's signature. Rather than playing Minecraft, he said he plays other games like Day Z and Call of Duty. However there is no actual evidence that he really plays those games, because the only videos he post are Minecraft videos. Other nicknames for Hawkeye Gaming were found to be: Cam, and Poseidon. He has not specified in his videos why he calls himself Hawkeye.
Fan 1: Hey man, did you see Hawkeye Gaming's new video?

fan 2: Hawkeye.... Did you say Hawkeye? HAWKEYE??

fan 1: ....


fan 1: *runs*

fan 2: *does lunatic sprint after him*
by coderred March 10, 2015
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