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When you are sitting around with friends and everyone has an idea of something to do, but there is no consensus, so a lot of time passes and you realize that nothing has been done...but everyone still had a blast hanging out. You have been having a sit.

Alternatively, one can proactively avoid the back and forth decision about making plans that don’t come to fruition by just being upfont and suggesting a sit.
After a couple of hours of hanging out, good convo, laughter and not deciding on have been having a sit

Person 1: “What’s going on tomorrow night?”
Person 2: states several things of little interest to the group
Person 3: “Anyone wanna get together and have a sit?”
Group: “Hell yeah, that sounds good!”
Person 1: “What did you guys do last night?”
Person 2: “We just had a sit”
by Itsaword October 23, 2018
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